2011 PNAS: Successful respiratory immunization with dry powder live-attenuated measles virus vaccine in rhesus macaques2011 PNAS: Supporting Information
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2011 Vaccine: Dry Powder Measles vaccine: Particle deposition, virus replication, and immune response in cotton rats following inhalation  
2009 CIRES/Aktiv-Dry Poster - Unit Dose Packaging and Devlivery of Inhalable and Injectable Antibiotics for TB Treatment2009 Aktiv-Dry Poster - Creation of Inhalable Dry Powder Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Aerosols - AAPS2009 Sievers Gates lecture in Arusha
Abstract - Are Unit-Dose Dry Powder Vaccines Intrinsically Safer than Liquid Vaccines?Abstract - Unit Dose Packaging and Delivery of Inhalable and Injectable Antibiotics for TB TreatmentWinston Lecture - Safer, Needle-Free, Unit-Dose, Inhalable Dry Powder Vaccines - 2009
2009 Aespironics/Aktiv-Dry Poster - Affordable Needle-Free Vaccination Technology for Low Resources SettingCIRES/Aktiv-Dry 2009 Poster - Inhalable Mircoparticles of TB Antibiotics Mady by CAN-BDAktiv-Dry Poster - Inhalable Dry Powder Aerosol Attenuated Live Virus Measles Vaccine
Preparation of Proteins, Vaccines, and Pharmaceuticals using Supercritical or Near-Critical Fluids
2006 Abstract of Micronization of Stabilized Vaccines, Antibiotics and Antivirals
2008 Poster on Drying Nucleotides by CAN-BD

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