Hepatitis B Stabilization and Drying by CAN-BD 
for later reconstitution in pre-filled auto-injectors

Dry vaccines are usually more stable than those dissolved in water.  For greater stability, package dry powder vaccines adjacent to the water-for-injection in a single unit-dose auto-reconstitution syringe and mix the dry vaccine with water immediately prior to administration.

Funded by NIH's ARRA grant NIAID, 2010 1R43AI089149-01, and by NIH/NIAID 2012 R44 AI 089149-02

Previous Work

Early Results on thermal stabilization of Hep B dry powder is reported in the Journal of Supercritical Fluids in 2007

Nearcritical Fluid Micronization of Stabilized Vaccines, Antibiotics, and Anti-virals (2007)