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The CAN-BD Process
Carbon dioxide Assisted Nebulization with a Bubble Dryer

CAN-BD is Aktiv-Dry’s proprietary process for making fine, dry powders of pharmaceutical, vaccines, biotech, and other compounds. The heart of CAN-BD is high pressure nebulization assisted by supercritical fluids, usually CO2, but N2 has also been used.

Nebulization occurs when the supercritical, or near-critical, fluid mixes with a solution or suspension of the pharmaceutical product to form an emulsion that expands abruptly from 80 bar to atmospheric pressure through a capillary flow restrictor. Microbubbles that form during the expansion burst almost instantaneously at atmospheric pressure to create a plume of millions of micro- and nano-meter daughter droplets, which rapidly dry in a warm carrier gas such as nitrogen.

When the plume is directed into a drying chamber, similar to that used in conventional spray drying, the liquid solvent evaporates to leave behind fine particles that may be collected on filters, bags, or in cyclone separators.  The nebulization method is patented and available for licensing.

Particle size distributions may be engineered by changing process variables.

CAN-BD has been used with aqueous and organic solvents and with nano-suspensions. Solutes have included proteins, antibodies, peptides,  vaccines and many other compounds and excipients.
Phase I clinical trials of our inhalable dry powder measles vaccine are now underway

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